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We value our patients' experience at Tanzar Chiropractic & Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jeff Tanzar
Your Forest Chiropractor
  • "Beating migraines and medication - For years, I had suffered from migraines. This led to seizures and to TiA’s. No doctor could give me the reason why or help me. All I got was more medicine (I was up to 14 pills every day).
    After one month I am now down to three in the morning and two at night. I haven’t had any seizures and have only had a few migraines. Compared to before, I am able to get out of bed for a reason. I have my life back!!"
    Sheila O.
  • "Finally taking charge - I feel like I’ve finally gotten a road map to a better life. I’ve been losing weight and feeling better, more alive. I’ve also found myself feeling less stressed out with the daily grind. I’ve been able to take charge of situations which would normally send me into a panic.

    Losing pounds, fixing my scoliosis and kicked my medications

    “I knew I had a problem and it was going to take a long time and money. My back has been in pain for four years. Mainly due to football injuries. My neck was nearly curving the wrong way. On the fourth week of care my pain was gone and I had more energy to do things.

    My scoliosis is now from 11 degrees to 5 degrees. To date I take no medications for my back pain (I took four Ibuprofen a day or more in the past!) and take no allergy medicine. I have also lost a considerable amount of weight which is still coming off."
    Steve H
  • "Treatment both personally and physically have been superb. My quality of life has been much improved since I began treatments at Tanzar"
    George B Customer since 2015
  • "EXCELLENT +++. First let me mention the condition I was in and how I actually arrived at the Tanzer Clinic. I have Vertigo and was actually put in contact with it by a friend who also has Vertigo. I had no idea, even after being seen by several other doctors, that there was help available. But, there was and is wonderful help out there at this clinic.

    The clinic physically is a lovely place, more like a spa than a doctor's office, it is beautifully designed with a calming sort of ambiance and the staff provides excellent amenities to provide a relaxing atmosphere. It appeals to all of the senses, it looks good, smells good, tastes good, sounds good,

    etc. In other words just by being in the office one feels better immediately."
    Diana M Customer since 2016
  • "My physical and general health has improved immensely since receiving treatment from Jeff Tanzar. The chiropractic manipulations have substantially reduced skeletal discomfort and the dietary information he has provided has greatly benefited my general health. I appreciate his personal interest in me and desire to improve my health."
    George B Customer since 2015
  • "I have been a patient with Dr Tanzar for close to three years and have been helped greatly. At my last yearly check up with my primary doctor, all my numbers on every test were much better than ever before, even my osteoporosis has begun to be reversed! That is something I have worked on for years, exercising and taking the best supplements I could find, with no good results until I gave Dr. Tanzar's treatments a chance over the past years. It has paid off big time!"
    Janice F Customer since 2013
  • "Thank you for the birthday wishes! I appreciate all you do to keep me active and quite mobile and healthy. I am looking forward to many more active years Keep up the good work"
    Antoinette A Customer since 2015
  • "I had a great experience at Tanzar Chiropractic. Dr.Tanzar and his assistant are very eager to help. They answered any questions that I had and made me feel comfortable. Their office environment is very uplifting. If you are looking to better your health; I would highly recommend this team."
    Karen O Customer since 2015
  • "Very professional process of evaluation and care. And attentive and helpful staff"
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "I appreciate (to the utmost) Dr. Tanzar and staff for taking the time to help me resolve my medical issues. Thanks for all that you do! God bless!"
    Yolanda M Customer since 2013
  • "If you are looking to learn, reinforce and maintain a really healthy body-mind life style, this is a healthcare practice where you can find affordably priced professional help to do so. Charlie Alty, PhD"
    Charles A Customer since 2015
  • "Good, accurate chiropractic care, but more... he provides ongoing training for getting to and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Chiropractic care along with this have helped my life immensely. I will continue to go to Dr Tanzar, even when I feel ok, because I know that due to the ongoing adjustments I have am able to move in ways I once could only dream of"
    James W Customer since 2013
  • "Left once again feeling good. As always enjoy the fellowship in the office"
    Larry F Customer since 2014
  • "The staff continues to be extremely friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and shows consistent concern

    for each individual working to make every visit an improvement of one's health and knowledge about good health."
    Carlene J Customer since 2014
  • "Very friendly and happy to see you. Great care and service."
    Donald R Customer since 2009
  • "My general physical health has improved immensely and based on the information I receive from Dr. Tanzar, my eating habits are much healthier. I have lost 15 lbs. and am maintaining a cardio and weight program at the local YMCA that is proving to be very beneficial. I credit Tanzar Chiropractic with this change in my lifestyle and general health."
    George B Customer since 2015
  • "Great care."
    AJ Edwin C Customer since 2014
  • "The treatment I have received has produced positive effects physically and has solved the skeletal problems I have been experiencing ."
    George B Customer since 2015
  • "My experience with Tanzar Chiropractic was excellent. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone."
    Michael S Customer since 2015
  • "Excellent analysis, communication, and care. Could not be more pleased!"
    Nina S Customer since 2015
  • "I feel good about what was accomplished in yesterday's appointment and looking forward to today's appointmen"
    Rebecca E Customer since 2015
  • "The office is nice. The staff are friendly and put me right at ease. They and Dr. Tanzar are very good at explaining their procedures and educating patients about spinal problems and care."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. The wait for an adjustment is not too long. I have been helped greatly since I began visiting the clinic."
    Janice F Customer since 2013
  • "We were treated very well. Very nice staff.
    Blessings to all.
    Walt & Betty Sommers"
    Betty S Customer since 2015
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Tanzar Chiropractic has improved my body health and caused me to make changes to my dietary practices. I have greater endurance and generally feel better."
    George B Customer since 2015
  • "The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, as is Dr. Tanzar himself. I had no idea what to expect when I first went and he put me right at ease."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Great experience! Staff was friendly and Dr. Tanzar is very knowledgable."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Being new to Chiropractic care and wellness I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more about the how this area of care will work the whole body system for the good. Thank you for being so open with the information and wisdom you have in this area."
    Jennifer J Customer since 2015
  • "Dr. Tanzar and his staff are excellent. I have been a patient there for more than two years, and have been greatly helped. Theirs is a chiropractic service unlike any I had ever experienced, supplying diagnostic testing, clear explanations of the problems and a comprehensive plan of treatment."
    Janice F Customer since 2013
  • "treated very nicely"
    James H Customer since 2014
  • "Very helpful staff. Very good at educating me for a healthier life"
    AJ Edwin C Customer since 2014
  • "It's like visiting family. Always greeted with a smile and welcomed pleasant conversation. And the chiropractic work is good too."
    Donald R Customer since 2009
  • "Each visit is uplifting, rewarding in so many ways. The staff & Dr. Tanzar are SUPERB. Seminars are very informative & thorough."
    Yvette S Customer since 2008
  • "I was immediately greeted by the receptionist in a pleasant professional manner and taken care of by a the doctors assistant upon completion of filling out the initial forms. The assistant and the doctor provided me with information concerning my condition and treatment which included the cost for each service. I was pleased with the doctors knowledge of the body's function and am looking forward to follow up meetings."
    George B Customer since 2015
  • "The staff and doctor were very welcoming and through in their care for me during my evaluation exam."
    Doug C Customer since 2014
  • "Staff is very friendly. Very nice facility. Dr. Tanzar is friendly, professional and thorough"
    Keniah R Customer since 2014
  • "Staff very positive, considerate, informative and encouraging. Treatment done well meeting my needs, and have had positive results improving my overall health."
    Carlene J Customer since 2014
  • "Lower back pain from traveling. i am on maintenance program now that he fixed me three yrs ago. My neck hurt w adjustment- first time ever. Dr tanzar spent an extra few minutes massaging out soreness. Back feels fine today. Love this crew"
    Jennifer C Customer since 2013
  • "Professional & courteous service."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "I feel better and move better since my treatments. I like the way the office is run, it is always a pleasant experience."
    Rhonda C Customer since 2014
  • "Wonderful! Looking forward tp greater health"
    Deborah P Customer since 2014
  • "I always walk out of the office after my adjustment feeling encouraged towards a healthy life!"
    Kendra J Customer since 2014
  • "Dr. Tanzar has been working with me for almost two years now. I am almost 71 years old, and have some of the issues people my age deal with as well as health problems caused by childhood injuries. It is great to have found a chiropractic clinic where everyone is there to do all they can to help each patient achieve the best health and life style possible. Thank you, Dr. Jeff. You and your staff are just great!"
    Janice F Customer since 2013
  • "You have certainly helped me. I am feeling so much better now."
    Elizabeth S Customer since 2014
  • "The presentation was well organized and informative. Dr. Tanzar was affable and clearly dedicated to his profession"
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Tanzar Chiropractic does an excellent job balancing education, adjustments and overall health. Lynchburg is blessed to have such a knowledgeable team in our area."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Excellent service. , from being out of town and needing an adjustment they went out of their way. Adjusted my knee also . Thanks again. !"
    Stephen P Customer since 2014
  • "I have no complaints at all in reference to Tanzar Chiropractic. My husband and I enjoyed every day we spent there. Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover my care so I still have the out of pocket expense. If I could afford these services, I would probably be still there. The sessions were also well worth attending. Thanks"
    Joyce G
  • "The staff is so friendly and encouraging. I have recommended Dr. Tanzar to several people. Treatments are ongoing. I am trying to eat a healthier diet and have lost about 13 pounds so far."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Dr. Jeff takes care of his patients like family. Staff is always kind and willing to help with any problems."
    Joel E Customer since 2012
  • "stretching prior to adjustnent is new to me. seems to be very helpful as have had really good results afterward"
    David P Customer since 2014
  • "This is a positive and professional office. My health and attitude have improved a lot in this last year. When I first came to the office I was depressed and in pain. Now my pain is greatly decreased and I am not so depressed. I feel that Dr. Tanzar and the staff are really concerned about my health and well being."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "I've had a great experience with Tanzar Chirop., but it is a long drive for us to come for appointments. I have started homeschooling my children and now our schedule is more rigorous and so I am having a hard time finding a good time to schedule my weekly appointments."
    Summer T Customer since 2014
  • "My first impression of Dr. Tanzar's office was Great. Everybody is very friendly and very caring and they really listen to your problems. I have only been in on one treatment so far, but after talking to the Dr. and the staff, I am confident that they will be able to help me."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "We are looking forward to a long relationship with Dr. Tanzar and his staff."
    Breanna G Customer since 2014
  • "I am feeling so much better since starting here. Allergies are less intense, headaches few & far between, and sleeping so much better!"
    Robin R Customer since 2014
  • "Great chiropractor with great results. Christian atmosphere. Kid friendly.

    Great chiropractor. I have had great results."
    Carol A Customer since 2013
  • "Dr. Tanzar is great. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great chiropractor"
    Deborah G Customer since 2011
  • "As always, I feel so much better after a regular adjustment from Dr. Tanzar. At this particular visit, I had pulled my back by lifting something heavy. Dr. Tanzar went straight to the area on my back, applied cooling gel alleviating the pain and adjusted me according to his great skill and knowledge. I feel much better already & will use ice as needed. Thank you, Dr. Tanzar & his wonderful, understanding staff."
    Sharon S Customer since 2013
  • "Very very professional I loved the fact that the Doctor was a man of God."
    Rodney A Customer since 2014
  • "Dr Tanzar is very good about addressing questions or concerns. He is very knowledgeable both in doing effective adjustments, and also addressing the other essentials."
    Brent M Customer since 2013
  • "Dr. Tanzar,
    Has helped me with my headaches. They're not as painful as they used to be and I would recommend him to anyone!"
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "Another great visit and adjustment!"
    Tania B Customer since 2012
  • "I appreciate the staff and Dr. Jeff for their positive attitudes, professionalism and support. The staff greets everyone with a smile and demonstrates a sincere concern for all of the patients. I have listened to the interaction between Dr. Jeff and his staff and have learned they are all about helping others. I have also participated in the Shop with a Doc program, Dinner with the Doc. and the Summer Health program. I truly appreciate the overwhelming support and believe that the Tanzar Chiropractic staff wants my health to be the best it can be. Great Job Guys!!!"
    Charles David R Customer since 2014
  • "This was a very different experience for me. I look forward to my next appointment."
    Debi B Customer since 2014
  • "Excellent care and concern. Plan of action in place for healing.Amazing care and concern. Professional and suggested plan of action for healing in place."
    Danika D Customer since 2014
  • "Juuustttt GREAT!"
    Kolby S Customer since 2012
  • "I am very pleased with the style and quality of care provided here. It is comprehensive, high quality care, and the patients are kept well informed of the treatment and progress and work as part of a team. Dr. Tanzar goes above and beyond to educate us so that we understand the importance of chiropractic care as well as several other areas of health and wellness. The frequency of visits and home exercises increase the effectiveness and promote long term results."
    Anonymous Verified customer
  • "I have experience a huge change in terms of my mental well being. My short term memory is improving."
    Angela W Customer since 2014
  • "I have always been taken care of 100 percent!"
    Betty L Customer since 2009
  • "Everyone in the office was very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. I learned some things I did not know. Am looking forward to my next visit."
    Kenneth J Customer since 2014
  • "Dr. Tanzar and his staff are very polite, courteous and really want to meet your personal health needs"
    Pamela F Customer since 2014
  • "Always have a great experience at Dr. Tanzar's office, everyone is very friendly and helpful."
    Susan M Customer since 2012
  • "My daughter and I continue to receive exceptional care from Dr. Tanzar at Tanzar Chiropractic. Dr. Tanzar and the staff go "the extra mile" and beyond to ensure that clients receive the optimal care and information that will change their lives for the better. I have gotten my quality of life back because of Tanzar Chiropractic. God bless you guys for all that you do!"
    Yolanda M Customer since 2013
  • "I feel very important and cared for at Tanzar Chiropractic! The staff is very friendly and they really want to meet your personal health needs."
    Kendra J Customer since 2014
  • "Too early to tell. Went for assessment. I was pleased with the friendliness and knowledge of support staff and dr Tanzar. Looking forward to my first adjustment"
    Jerry H Customer since 2014

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